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What in the World is Going On???

Common Sense Cowgirl Episode #16

Over the past few years I have posted links to a couple of very important Ebooks, which have made global events make a whole lot of sense to me. With the advent of most recent tragedies I was grateful to discover audio versions of the same books, knowing that so many people do not have the same time freedom I have to be able to read. We ALL have the time to listen to an audiobook while we drive, clean or workout we can easily be able to absorb this important information, while we are achieving those things that have to be done.

As YoU listen have an open mind and like me, YoU will probably be struck by the similarity of these two nearly unbelievable stories. Keep in mind that under libel laws, these two women would likely have been sued for defamation by the wealthy and PoWerful individuals they finger if any of it was untrue.

No lawsuits have ever been filed so please educate yourself with either these Ebooks or audiobooks. Contemplate what it means if only a fraction of this information is true. YoU will soon understand the perpetual wars, mass shootings, terrorist attacks and the true meaning behind nearly every major world event over the last few decades and beyond.

Tranceformation Of America Ebook 


Thanks For The Memories Ebook


Common Sense Cowgirl

Mark Dice ROCK$

Common Sense Cowgirl Episode #15

Mark Dice ROCK$

I think I have watched all of Mark’s videos NoW I am excited to get some of his books. So, I wanted to share Mark with YoU because he is a REAL gem, I absolutely LOVE what this man does. Please take some time to check out Mark, I think he is Awe$ome!

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Where Is This Going?

Common Sense Cowgirl Episode #14

I am pretty much speechless I have no idea what to think about this? Anyone got some sort of reasonable common sense explanation for this? Please leave a comment!

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My Prayers Have Been Answered AGAIN!

Common Sense Cowgirl Episode #13

WhooT WhooP! Some of the most Bada$$ folks on the planet are about to bring the whole house of cards crashing down! DC, London and Vatican City are about to go the way of the dinosaur, these amazing people will bring these elite criminals to justice at long last! Please donate generously to the GooD guys! Thank YoU so much to Craig “Sawman” Sawyer and his Awe$ome team!

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Where Were the Anti-Rap Signs at the #womansmarch

Common Sense Cowgirl Trishaly Banack Episode #12

I am glad no one calls out Snoop Dog and the like, for misogyny! It’s called FREE speech let em say what they want, I don’t listen to it! I am aware of it and as someone who has suffered at the hands of mo than one misogynist it is an insult to characterize the President as a misogynist, it negates and minimizes the experiences of millions of women, like myself. It disgusts me!

Common Sense tells me that if there were any REAL victims of Trump’s abuse of women, they would have lined up with their lawsuits back in the 90s the very second Paula Jones walked away with hundreds of thousands in her settlement.

What happened when The Donald was accused of abusing women? He threatened to sue under libel laws! Has Bill Clinton ever so much as hinted he would do anything, other than ignore Juanita Broaddrick’s accusations, let alone Cathy O’Brien’s. Seems to me as soon as people started yelling he was a rapist at Hillary’s events, he would run to file a slander suit and clear his name.

One problem TRUTH is a defense under defamation law, I LOVE how the great people in Nashville chanted “LOCK HER UP” this week! It’s time!

Stop referring to Trump as a misogynist (if YoU even know what that means, I didn’t LoL) and start investigating Haiti and the Clinton Foundation or check out Scott Bennett!

Common Sense Cowgirl

Gay Frogs and Voter Fraud

Common Sense Cowgirl Episode #11

This is truly an upside down world, where I am feeling the need to call out the crap people I actually like and defend ones that I don’t. Rachel Maddow and the comedians, who seem so smart and reasonable, only they are full of it.

Meanwhile, this loud mouth snook, Alex Jones is telling the truth, that they all ignore. Here is a link to my past article where, in hindsight, I was not that successful debunking Infowars.

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Freedom of Movement and the Crowd Crunch

Common Sense Cowgirl Episode #10

This seems like old news, however it is very important to understand what is happening NoW because the broadcast media is an EPIC fail. They flat out lie! Again and again! What happened on day 1 and what was reported as usual does not give a full or fair point of view. We should ALL be calling out the FAKE news everywhere we find it and if YoU look closely it is everywhere.

Everyday Mo accusations against the Russian’s! Please! Did Jeff Sessions or Steve Bannon sell 1/5 of U.S. Uranium to the Russians? No, that was Hillary’s state department with major Clinton Foundation donor Frank Giustra! HellO Media???

What about Tony Podesta’s connections to Russian banks???



Shout allegations at Jeff Sessions, who saved Kent Hovind from B.S. structuring laws, where is your evidence that Russia did anything???

Major broadcast media where have YoU been, while Clinton and Obama did dirty deals with Russia???

The internet is allowing us to shut it down. There are no alternative FACTS there is only FAKE and REAL. WhY wouldn’t the President wage war on the lies, WhY wouldn’t YoU?

I am!

Seems to me the FACT is Mo people came to Washington DC to support/protest Trump than showed up for Obama. There may have been fewer in attendance at the actual ceremony, there was a reason for that. It was due to human blockades, the omission of this fact shows a vast lack of journalistic integrity.

Mo people were in Washington according to traffic and metro data. Period! These are not “alternative facts” there are people who believe YoU are too stupid to figure out the truth, to think that these people do not lie, spin, omit and serve their masters, is to live in a fantasy world, which is so unproductive. SaD!

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Standing Rock Refuse

Common Sense Cowgirl Episode #9

Just a friendly reminder that things are not always what they may seem. An open mind is a must and a second opinion can never hurt before making a judgement on any issue. 

It hurts my heart to know that my decades of environmental action (not activism, BiG difference) will be 100% negated by certain individuals, when they learn that I support pipelines.

Common Sense Cowgirl

Put Out or Get Out

Common Sense Cowgirl Episode #8

I think that mid eastern men who are able to come to North America by their own means, get it and understand that we have a completely different culture here. With the many new comers to Canada with refugee status, I am not so sure they understand.
The difference is that the mid eastern men I have met had to go through a long process to get here and through our citizenship programs are assimilated into the melting pot. When we bring in so many people with no means, education or skills, it strikes me as potentially dangerous.
The truth is immigration has worked great in Canada, I believe our refugee programs have been GooD as well. The difference being that in the past we have always controlled the numbers of people and kept it lower. The recent influx of newcomers has me worried that our communities may not have the resources to deal with so many truly desperate people.
I think it is important that we only accept women and children as refugees, because like it or not the fact of the matter is that men are the vast majority of violent threat that exists anywhere in the world. The GooD muslim men must fight the bad in order to create safety in Syria or er, Lebanon?

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What’s Up With The Leaky White House?

Common Sense Cowgirl Trishaly Banack Episode #7
RUSSIAN HACKERS RUSSIAN HACKERS they leaked Flynn’s telephone transcript? Yeah right!
The truth of the matter is that Hillary Clinton received millions from Saudi Arabia and China to both her foundation and campaign. Who is guilty of influencing elections? And how do we know this?
I would say that YoU should be thankful to Russia for finally exposing Hillary’s criminal behaviour, which dates back to Rose Law Firm where she laundered money for Bill’s Mena, Arkansa Cocaine Ops.for the Bush Cartel. Remember filegate, that was the destruction of that evidence. NoW Chip Tatum has the only hard evidence of this that I am aware of. I would thank Russia for revealing this behaviour at long last, except Julian Assange claims that the source of the emails was not Russian.
Not once do you hear a radio or TV broadcast saying that the emails supposedly “hacked” by Russia  are untrue, they won’t go that far, they know you’re not that stupid. Back in the Mena days we actually had some reports that came out about the suspicious activities, however with no internet, it was very difficult to get a story to go national. Today they refuse to talk about what is actually on the Wikileaks site, emails that prove that Saudia Arabia and China we’re a BiG influence on the democrat side in the U.S. election.
I would like to thank Russia, only I have not found a shred of evidence that Russia did a thing for republicans, other than troll social media, if The Donald would just release his tax returns then we would know something about it, what we know for sure is all we really get from, in daddy’s words, so-called journalists are vague accusations and bold face lies.
I know most reporters are GooD people just reading off a paper or teleprompter and the fact is there are simply some things that are forbidden and enough examples are made out of those who say too much, like Coast to Coast AM’s John B. Wells. I get it jobs are lost, lives are ruined or ended by those who don’t know when to shut up.
Thanks to the internet it all ends, people get to figure it out for themselves, the Washington Post and New York Times are failing not so much because of their sad reporting, mo because it is all at my finger tips and I think I have discovered the White House leak, watch the video and listen closely because I talk about a lot of people YoU should get to know, especially if your questioning what is going on, because the truth is stranger than fiction, like it or not.
I’d bet the farm Pence told Flynn it’s your word against mine and threatened his family, that’s why Mike doesn’t remember. Fire Pence and hire John DeCamp!